When I was growing up one thing I really noticed about my family was, how none of them, meaning no one on both sides of my family, had their education or even cared about it. None of them had graduated high school. I really noticed how my father hated his job and my mother never worked. We lived pay check to pay check. It was hard for them just to pay the bills, let alone buy what we needed. They never really did make us, or tell us we had to go to school. My sister missed a lot of days and so didn’t my bother. I was the only one that was into my school and my education. I remember thinking to my self that it wasn’t right. I needed and wanted them to tell us what we had to do and make sure we did it. I wanted them to be our parents like they where suppose to be. But that never happen. I was so good at school, I got all kinds of rewards from, student of the month and year, to awards for having the highesr grades out of the entire grade I was in. All I wanted was for them to be proud of all my accomplishments, but they never was. I was all a lone and had only myself to be there for me.

I graduated high school, it was so bitter sweet though cause there was no one there to see me graduate.
I remember everyone asking me where my family was. I tried to lie about them at first, but then the pain from it all got to me and I lost it. My friends and teachers all cried to, then everyone that was there for their children all started cring . I felt so bad, like I made a what was suppose to be a happy moment turn sad. But everyone was cring because they never knew what I was going though and that I was all alone. They were so upset and mad at theirselves for never noing or paying attention to what was going on. Some of them were even upset, but more hurt that I never did tell any of then or my friends. I never let it show, not even my pain. It was hard not to, but I didn’t want people to feel sorry for me, I just wanted them to like me for who I was and since they didn’t know they did. One thing great came out of that bitter sweet day though, from that day on I have never been alone since then.


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